Fluoro Primaries - TWIST AND SHOUT

Fluoro Primaries - TWIST AND SHOUT

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TWIST AND SHOUT High Twist 4ply MW merino yarn - approx 100g and 350m

Colourway: Fluoro Primaries - High intensity pink, yellow and blue random colours giving secondary and tertiary colours in places.  No two batches are the same. Make sure you purchase enough for your project, allowing 10-20% extra to be sure.

100% Merino Yarn 4ply/fingering weight. High twist structure, gentle machine washable. Soft enough for babies wear or anything against the skin. Suit shawls, scarves, garments. 

Needle size recommended 2.5-4.0mm (2.0-2.25mm if used for socks)

All products are hand-dyed and each chain weighs approximately 100g. For more information about our product range, including care instructions and custom dying information, visit Our Products Page