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About Fibre2go

Fibres are all around us, natural or man made, neutral or vibrantly coloured, smooth or textured, combined by spinning, felting, weaving, knitting, crochet or by any of a myriad of ways.

My passion is for wool, silk, alpaca and colour - lots of colour.

All our products are hand dyed in small batches but larger quantities can be custom dyed for your needs either in any of my colourways or your special colour.

Products include carded sliver, combed tops and "Bling Batts" for spinning or felting, and yarn.

If you like the look of my fibres but don't spin, I can do that for you. Simply email me so we can discuss your requirements. The fee for this service depends on what you want.

The listings are usually for 100g but if you want more please contact me. Bear in mind that as this is a hand-dyed product there will be small variation between batches so it is a good idea to order whatever you expect to use for a given project.

Custom dying is possible too. No extra charge except that there is a minimum of 500g. You just need to contact me with Pantone numbers or send me paint chips, ribbon or pieces of fabric with the colours you want – easy!  

I am a member of Creative Fibre New Zealand and attend their annual Festivals as a trader.  Look for my stand - fibre2go. 

I also trade at many handcraft fairs, spin-ins, and fibrecraft meetings around New Zealand.

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