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We sell a variety of fibres in the form of carded sliver, combed tops and batts. These fibres can be used for felting (except the sock blend) or spinning for knitting, crochet or weaving. It is beautifully soft and suitable for items to be worn against the skin.


Merino Sliver

100% 22.5 micron merino carded sliver

Fine Merino Sliver

100% 18.5 micron fine merino combed top sliver

Merino and Silk Sliver

80% 22.5 micron merino with 20% silk carded sliver

Merino, Silk and Alpaca Sliver

Luxury 30% baby alpaca, 20% silk with 50% 18.5 micron merino carded sliver

Sock Blend Sliver

Special custom fibre-blend of superwash merino, alpaca, silk and nylon.  Not for felting.

 "Bling Batts"

Hand carded blends mainly merino with addition of alpaca, mulberry silk, nylon and Angelina fibre.  approx 50g each. 

Only available at Fibrecraft Markets & Trading Days


(Coming soon to our online store)

Our yarns are all hand dyed in small batches, but larger quantities can be custom dyed for your needs either in my colourways or your special colour.

"Twist & Shout" high twist sock yarn

100% merino 4-ply machine-washable sock yarn

Regular twist sock yarn

20% nylon 80% merino 4-ply machine-washable sock yarn 

 4 ply pure merino regular twist

100% merino, gentle hand wash

8-ply merino yarn

A beautifully soft 100% merino yarn which can be worked as a 4 ply or 8 ply on needles from 3.5 - 4.5mm


Custom dyed

Custom dying is possible too. Just contact us with Pantone numbers or send me paint chips, ribbon or pieces of fabric with the colours you want – easy!  There is no extra charge and costs vary depending on the type of fibre. Minimum order 500g

All existing colourways or colours of your choice can be made in the following fibres and yarns:


  • 22.5 micron NZ merino sliver (sometimes also called roving),
  • 18.5 micron NZ merino top
  • 20% silk 80% NZ merino sliver,
  • Luxury blend of 30% cria (baby alpaca), 20% mulberry silk and 50% 18.5 micron merino
  • Sock blend of alpaca, mulberry silk, superwash merino and nylon
  • also available on request is pure silk fibre in mulberry, tussah, and mulberry hankies and caps,


  • 8 ply soft NZ merino,
  • 4 ply machine washable NZ merino,
  • 4 ply NZ merino (with 20% nylon) sock yarn,
  • 4 ply NZ merino high twist sock yarn.
  • note that the sock yarns can be used for anything but are designed with durability and easy care in mind.



When looking at the colourways online it is important to realise that some colours are difficult to portray on computer monitors and you will find that the colours are actually more rich and vibrant in real life. Some of my colourways include a beautiful rich aqua colour which is difficult to portray accurately. It may show up as a pale washed-out aqua colour. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed when you see the vibrance of the real product.

Some of the intense colours may result in a small amount of colour bleed in the first wash or when felting. Do not be alarmed, it will not alter the appearance of the wool. It’s just that I would rather this than risk making the sliver difficult to spin by over handling. Unlike many acid dyes, the dyes I use have low toxicity, no need to worry.

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