Mediterranean - Fine Merino Sliver

Mediterranean - Fine Merino Sliver

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Colourway: Mediterranean

Semi-solid aqua-blue with random variation by addition of subtle blue and green areas. This colourway is much more vibrant aqua/turquoise than it appears on screen.

Fibre: Fine Merino Sliver

18.5 micron pure merino combed top is even softer and cuddlier than the 22.5 micron merino, perfect for making anything which is to be worn against the skin or for babywear. It is easy to spin and great for felting. Combed top has gone through extra processing to remove the shorter fibres and the fibres are aligned

All products are hand-dyed and each chain weighs approximately 100g. For more information about our product range, including care instructions and custom dying information, visit Our Products Page