Black - Fine Merino Sliver

Black - Fine Merino Sliver

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Colourway: Black

Semi-solid black, darker than the Charcoal colourway (as black as it is possible to get merino fibre)

Fibre: Fine Merino Sliver


This fine merino fibre has been hand-dyed with MAXIMUM DYE LOADING. It is fully saturated with dye and it is likely that you will experience crocking on your hands while working with the fibre and possibly some bleed in the first washes or when felting. ( Meaning of crocking: )   

Do not use against light coloured fibres or yarns without gentle but repeated prewashing in approved wool wash detergent until no colour run is evident.  Even after this washing some crocking may occur.  This is unavoidable when extreme dye loading is present and is normal in hand-dyed wool.  When being used for spinning it is better to spin the yarn first then wash afterwards as the washing process can cause the fibres to partially felt making drafting difficult.

The only ways to avoid this are to buy fibre which has been commercially dyed then washed and carded after dyeing or by decreasing the dye loading which would result in dark grey but not as black as this.

Every care has been taken by the dyer to retain the beautiful soft properties of fine merino without compromising the ability of the fibres to draft when spinning or felting.  Too much washing will inevitably begin the felting process as mentioned earlier. 

18.5 micron pure merino combed top is even softer and cuddlier than the 22.5 micron merino, perfect for making anything which is to be worn against the skin or for babywear. It is easy to spin and great for felting. Combed top has gone through extra processing to remove the shorter fibres and the fibres are aligned

All products are hand-dyed and each chain weighs approximately 100g. For more information about our product range, including care instructions and custom dying information, visit Our Products Page

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