Jewels - Fine Merino and Silk Sliver

Jewels - Fine Merino and Silk Sliver

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Colourway: Jewels - repeated pattern of purple, green and aqua blue

Repeated stripes of rich magenta purple, brassy gold and intense aqua that form an Oil Slick effect. Same colours as Jewels.

Fibre: Fine Merino and Silk Sliver

This special fibre-blend combines luxurious silk with extra fine merino and is suitable for normal to extra fine laceweight spinning or felting. 100g is enough for a medium size shawl if spun finely.

It has been dyed, as all our gradients, as two symmetrical halves. Each half can be spun onto a separate bobbin then the two plied together to give a gradient yarn.

All products are hand-dyed and each chain weighs approximately 100g. For more information about our product range, including care instructions and custom dying information, visit Our Products Page