Merino and Silk Sliver - Earthtones

Merino and Silk Sliver - Earthtones

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Colourway: Assorted Earthtones

Each 100g chain contains between 10 and 16 earthy colours from oranges and deep reds through to browns, blues, purples and greens.  Batches are 5 100g chains but each batch, although different from the others, will match because of the use of related colours.  The use of so many related colours in one chain provides the spinner an exciting and effortless colour experience.  

This product is very labour-intensive to create and is priced accordingly.

Fibre: Merino and Silk Sliver

80% 22.5 micron merino with 20% mulberry silk, carded sliver is soft and lustrous. It is perfect for making anything which is to be worn against the skin or for babywear.

All products are hand-dyed and each chain weighs approximately 100g. For more information about our product range, including care instructions and custom dying information, visit Our Products Page