ALLEGRO 4 ply MW Merino/nylon sock yarn - C-37

ALLEGRO 4 ply MW Merino/nylon sock yarn - C-37

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ALLEGRO 4 ply MW merino/nylon sock yarn - approx 100g and 360m

Colourway: C-37 green, lime, aqua, blue, red, purple multi speckled

Exact colours vary from skein to skein.  When working with two skeins in one project it is advised to alternate rows (or pairs of rows) to avoid unwanted pooling of colours or skein variation effects.

80% Merino 20% nylon Yarn 4ply/fingering weight. Smooth, dense yarn, machine washable. Durable for socks yet soft enough for babies wear or anything against the skin. Socks, shawls, scarves, light weight garments.

Needle size recommended 2.5-3.5mm or larger for lace knitting.

All products are hand-dyed and each chain weighs approximately 100g. For more information about our product range, including care instructions and custom dying information, visit Our Products Page